Common Questions

Listed below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients planning functions on an Elite Cruise.

If you have any additional questions about private boat charters on Sydney Harbour with The Elite Cruise Company, please contact us. Our functions coordinator will be more than happy to assist you.

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  • What is the timeline for booking a function with Elite?
    Our standard booking process is as follows:
    Quotation: A quotation will be supplied by The Elite Cruise Company with the details for your cruise. We do also encourage you to make an appointment time to come and view the specific vessel you are looking at.
    Tentative Booking: Once the quote is received and you are happy with the details, please contact The Elite Cruise Company to place a tentative booking on the specific date, time and boat you are after. This will be held for 7 working days. In order to confirm the booking we do require a deposit to be paid. A copy of the terms and conditions to be signed and a copy sent back to Elite.
    Confirmation: Once the above is received your charter confirmation will be sent to you.
    4.5 months prior to the wedding: We will need to confirm the wharf you would like to use.
    4 months prior: The wharf will be booked and confirmed.
    1 month prior: Menu and beverage choices to be confirmed.
    10 days prior: Final guest numbers to be confirmed and final tax invoice sent out.
    7 days prior: Final payment received.
  • Can we have candles on board?
    We do allow tea light candles and floating candles. However, we cannot allow any other types of candles on board the boats.
  • Can we arrange our own DJ / Entertainment?
    Yes – there are no additional costs for you to arrange your own DJ or band. Please be advised that they must have proof of their own public liability insurance to be able to play on board. If, however, you do require assistance in sourcing a DJ, band or other entertainment, our function coordinator will be happy to help you find an option to suit your tastes and requirements, but please note that additional costs do apply.
  • Can we bring our own CD’s on board?
    Yes, you are more than welcome to provide your own CD’s to play whilst on board. In order to ensure that the music you wish to hear is played when you want to hear it during your cruise, we strongly advise you to provide us with written instructions detailing your requests. Please note that our CD player does play the CDs in random order.
  • Can The Elite Cruise Company tailor menus to suit our specific requirements?
    Our Executive chef is more than happy to tailor a menu to suit your requirements. Please note that the price per head may vary depending on the changes that occur to the menu.
  • Can we bring our own food and/or beverages on board?
    Unfortunately, due to our liquor license we cannot allow BYO beverages on board, though we can special order beverages for your cruise should you wish to serve a particular brand of drink. It is also our company policy that we do not allow BYO food. However, our chef will gladly tailor menus to suit your specific requirements.
  • Does The Elite Cruise Company cater for children?
    Yes, The Elite Cruise Company offers the following rates for children:
    Children 5 years and under receive complimentary catering
    Children aged 6 to 12 years receive 50% off the normal catering price
    Children 13 years and older are charged at the full adult price
These rates are offered off your selected menu. Depending on the beverage package you choose, we can either charge for soft drinks per glass on a consumption basis or offer a soft drinks package to children under 18 years old. Please note that we do require children to be supervised whilst on board the vessel.
  • Does The Elite Cruise Company provide any complimentary decorations?
    Yes we provide the following complimentary decorations for your cruise:
    White table linens, White linen napkins, Fresh seasonal flowers with greenery in glass vases for the guest tables and restrooms
  • Does the vessel anchor throughout the cruise?
    Yes, we are happy to anchor the boat during meal service. There are a number of scenic locations around the harbour where we can anchor. The captain will choose a spot that is most suitable to the weather conditions on the day.
  • Does The Elite Cruise Company charge wharf fees?
    The Elite Cruise Company includes 2 wharf booking fees (one pick-up and one drop-off). Any additional wharves will incur an additional fee. The cost of additional wharves is available from your function co-ordinator. Please note that some wharves have additional fees as they are not operated by the Waterways Authority; these will be advised at the time your wharf is discussed.
  • What do we do if a guest is running late?
    In the event that a guest is running late, a water taxi can be arranged to deliver the guest to your function. The guest must cover this cost. We like to recommend that you inform your guests of Yellow Water Taxi's phone number: 02 9299 0199 (It's a great idea to print it on invitations.) Then, if needed, guests can call Yellow Water Taxis, who will radio our vessel to find our location.
  • When do I need to advise the function coordinator of our menu choice and final head count?
    We require final confirmation of guest numbers as well as meal choices NO LATER THAN 10 working days prior to your cruise. The number advised will be the amount you will be invoiced for. Please note that no refunds are available if fewer guests attend on the day.
  • When is final payment required?
    Final confirmation of guest numbers is due NO LATER THAN 10 working days prior to your cruise. The number advised will be the amount you will be invoiced for. Final payment must be paid in full NO LESS THAN 7 working days prior to your function date.
  • What happens if less than the advised number of guests show up on the day of the cruise?
    If this occurs, we will still require the full payment for the number of guests confirmed. In regards to beverages, if you are on a package we are happy to refund you for the number of people who didn’t show up.
  • Can we extend our cruise on the day?
    We are happy for your cruise to go overtime - providing there isn’t another cruise scheduled later that evening. Should a cruise go overtime, an additional cost will be incurred.
  • Are your vessels wheelchair accessible?
    If you need access for a wheelchair, please discuss this with your function coordinator in advance of your booking.